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The barn - excavation (sort of) begins

The barn on our property is in need of some TLC. The main house is a little over 211 years old now, the barn is definitely not that old. The foundation may be 100 or more, we don’t know. A former owner of the property alluded to it being used in the last days of stagecoach travel. It’s a 4 stall horse barn.
Top Front of barn
The barn is still mostly upright, but we are uncertain how long it will remain that way. A suggestion made by a friend was to get the dirt away from the front walls and door as a start to preserving it, or at least preparing it to be renovated or restored.
Front of the barn

There is a lot of work to be done clearing out what the previous owner stacked in there. We’re hoping to get someone relatively local to take a look and tell us just what we need to do to restore it and make it usable. Perhaps the horseshoes we’re finding as we clean up around the structure will bring us some luck (well, when we turn them the correct way to keep the luck from “running out)