Organize those Documents, Notes & Thoughts - What I left out and why

In some online references there are applications that come up as alternatives to, or are listed in the same basic category as, the applications I chose to review. I left out a raft of applications that do not provide the organizational capabilities of the group in my comparison table. I addition, I removed a few after testing them side-by-side with the nine that remained.

Organize those Documents, Notes & Thoughts - Nine Applications Compared

Let me state right at the start that I’m not putting together this review to declare an outright winner. I needed to compare software for my own purposes, which led to the thought that perhaps others might find this beneficial as well. It’s a bit time consuming for sure and I’m positive I’ve overlooked things that other users are aware of in their favorite application. This is by no means a static review and I welcome feedback regarding things I may have missed or gotten wrong. I'm certain I'll be updating the information based on feedback and input I'm planning to solicit from the developers.Read more...

An Abundance of Useful Mac OS X Software

We may not have the Lion’s Share of the overall software market but Mac users certainly have an abundance of software available to fill nearly every need. In some cases it almost seems like developers are programming applications for the Mac at break-neck speed without determining whether there is a sustainable need within the community.Read more...