22 April 2007

The 77th Regiment of Foot

With the resurgence of interest in the French & Indian War — due in no small part to the PBS 2-part series The War that made America, by WQED here in Pittsburgh — I thought I should update my photo page

I've updated the page to run a slide show with photos from the 2001 Dunsmuir Scottish Games that Alex and I participated in when we lived in California.Read more...

Living with History

Our family has taken on a potentially monumental task of very literally living with history. We've been in our new home now for a little over a year. We've taken on the care of a 210 year old stone and frame structure that used to be an Inn on the historic Lincoln Highway though it's days as hotel or inn began well before that road received that designation.Read more...

Time to consolidate the blogs...

I have a couple other blogs I'm maintaining and I decided this might be the best place to consolidate all of that. I'll be putting a few select posts here as well as linking to the others that I'm being more prolific with than this one. (-: