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Living with History

Our family has taken on a potentially monumental task of very literally living with history. We've been in our new home now for a little over a year. We've taken on the care of a 210 year old stone and frame structure that used to be an Inn on the historic Lincoln Highway though it's days as hotel or inn began well before that road received that designation.

The acquisition of this property has prompted me to take a heightened interest in the history of our region. This meshes nicely with many skills I have acquired over the years as well. More about that later...

Colonial and post-colonial American history is much more intriguing to me now than when I was in school. It's fascinating to me to think that the building of our house was completed at right about time the United States inaugurated our second President — John Adams.

The builder of our house came from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I've barely begun the search to fill out the details. But as I do I hope to document my findings and make them available (where copyrights and privacy issues permit) here.