29 April 2007

Developers, Young and Old

I've had the pleasure of participating in a few interesting "promotions" by Macintosh developers. I'm referring to MacHeist, theAmazon, MacAppADay, MacZot, to name a few. Yes, I know there's been drama or controversy surrounding each of these events or sites. One of the interesting things I ran into were the forums associated with a couple of them, most notably MacHeist and theAmazon. I still lurk, well have always mostly lurked, at MacHeist and theAmazon. Read more...

It's here! My new Drobo

I'll have to take time later this evening (or tomorrow, as time permits) to post the photos of the un-boxing. (-:

The first thing I noticed upon swapping in the drives from the beta and plugging the Drobo in was, after a momentary rev up, the fan was QUIET! Yeeha!Read more...

It's on it's way - waiting for the Drobo

Argh! I'm being so impatient today. I keep checking the FedEx tracking to see where in the country my new unit is.

On the truck... to be delivered... since 4:29 AM this morning. Have to wait just a little longer.

Don't forget to check out my post below to get that discount code and get your own Drobo before May 30th!!

Drobo — A Beta Tester's Thoughts

I had the pleasure of beta testing a nifty piece of hardware over the last few months. The Drobo, by Data Robotics, which does some amazing stuff with your data deceptively simply.

I've been bitten a few too many times in the last 12 months or so by failed drives. Yes, I do backups. Not as frequently as I should for sure. However, I've had two, count'em TWO backup drives fail on me in the last 6 months alone. Mind you, this was not my main drive (I've had two of *those* fail in the last 12 months too) but it was painful none-the-less because there were things on the backup drive that weren't on any other drives at the time. Read more...

Of All Places!

Of all places for something like this to be happening. We are just east of Pittsburgh, PA. The very same city that Andrew Carnegie lived in and gathered his wealth in, ultimately to distribute philanthropically. No matter what issues people have with his business practices, none can deny that he was a very generous philanthropist. Particularly regarding PUBLIC LIBRARIES. Read more...