What the politicians can do for us "Middle Class" folks

The Democratic Convention is reinforcing rhetoric about which candidate is closer to the people... pointing out what the Democrats can do for the middle class.

I’ll tell you what they can all do — any of them — fund the school systems for our children!Read more...

Note Taking vs. Organizing — those pesky categories again!

In my search for the next comparison I've been thrashing around the perimeter of the applications I just reviewed. Do I look at the "super" organizers? Do I look at "writer's tools"? I've settled on a step back. Note taking vs. apps with more organizing, database or extensive word processing features. There was a blog I ran across that listed 7 apps, calling them "Note Taking Applications". Read more...

SOHO Notes 6.0.1 — Worth a look

Bit the bullet and upgraded to SOHO Notes 6.0.1.

The first thing that is apparent is that you can add keyword tags to your notes. The second is, though you could make a note “private” in previous versions, notes that you make private now will be encrypted and require a password.Read more...

An Abundance of Useful Mac OS X Software

We may not have the Lion’s Share of the overall software market but Mac users certainly have an abundance of software available to fill nearly every need. In some cases it almost seems like developers are programming applications for the Mac at break-neck speed without determining whether there is a sustainable need within the community.Read more...

Developers, Young and Old

I've had the pleasure of participating in a few interesting "promotions" by Macintosh developers. I'm referring to MacHeist, theAmazon, MacAppADay, MacZot, to name a few. Yes, I know there's been drama or controversy surrounding each of these events or sites. One of the interesting things I ran into were the forums associated with a couple of them, most notably MacHeist and theAmazon. I still lurk, well have always mostly lurked, at MacHeist and theAmazon. Read more...

Of All Places!

Of all places for something like this to be happening. We are just east of Pittsburgh, PA. The very same city that Andrew Carnegie lived in and gathered his wealth in, ultimately to distribute philanthropically. No matter what issues people have with his business practices, none can deny that he was a very generous philanthropist. Particularly regarding PUBLIC LIBRARIES. Read more...