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Note Taking vs. Organizing — those pesky categories again!

In my search for the next comparison I've been thrashing around the perimeter of the applications I just reviewed. Do I look at the "super" organizers? Do I look at "writer's tools"? I've settled on a step back. Note taking vs. apps with more organizing, database or extensive word processing features. There was a blog I ran across that listed 7 apps, calling them "Note Taking Applications".
I will respectfully disagree with the author of that blog in that they were comparing applications that indeed were suitable for taking notes but some of them provide much more than note taking capabilities. A couple were more along the lines of the “traditional” word processing app. To be sure, I heartily recommend a look at Chronos' SOHO Notes, but it definitely does more than provide a means for taking quick or even copious notes.

This is almost a scary-broad category of Mac app. The list is pretty darned long for note-taking applications that people “swear by”. That was quite obvious from the comments by people who'd read the blog about the 7 apps list. It's worth a look at the comments to see where this comparison review may end up treading.

So, now I am in the throes of downloading and testing out Note apps. Let me be clear, my intention is not to put the organizers already reviewed into this category as well. There are two possible exceptions but I am looking at simple, clean note taking. If they interface with something else on our Macs, the-more-the-better. If I were to add a couple from the previous review they'd be on the super, feature-rich list.

This could become one outrageous chart. I'm prepared to further categorize as needed to break it down into truly useful “segments” of note taking software available to Macintosh users. I welcome suggestions for apps to include as well as what refinements might be useful to the categorization process. Some category possibilities include: Free, Web Based, etc.

Hoping to have the review and accompanying comparison chart up in about 5-6 days after all the downloading, testing and removing of software is complete (so I can regain that precious hard drive space Winking.