What the politicians can do for us "Middle Class" folks | Opinion

What the politicians can do for us "Middle Class" folks

The Democratic Convention is reinforcing rhetoric about which candidate is closer to the people... pointing out what the Democrats can do for the middle class.

I’ll tell you what they can all do — any of them — fund the school systems for our children!
My son has been in public school for 3 whole days. He started 1st grade on Monday. On Tuesday his backpack held the permission notice to be signed for him to bring home up to 80 candy bars that need to be sold for $1 a piece for the PTA. There was an additional fundraising package with high priced food (frozen pies, sodium rich frozen pizzas, etc.), wrapping paper and a bunch of items that we just have no need for in our household. I don’t know what this fundraiser is actually for, it’s not stated anywhere.

Day 3, a form from the PTA requesting support — volunteers or baked goods — to “support our children’s activities” this year. That’s safely ambiguous. What activities precisely? I’ll be seeking clarification for all of this but, it’s quite likely for sports. It would be nice if they were fundraising for the arts or the library or supplies for the classrooms, but that is doubtful. I’ve got nothing against sports, but music & art get short shrift on funding in general. Oh, and let’s see, I need to pay to join the PTA and I have to officially be a member to volunteer to work with projects or parties for the children.

We’re heading into day 4 and it already amounts to roughly $300-500 if it were outright cash contribution. Insane. If I weren’t working a full-time job I couldn’t even think of contributing part of this. As it is, I’ll be cut out of a lot of what they are planning because they meet at 9:30 AM. Sorry, working Mom here. Care to have an evening meeting? I’m not keen on contributing my hard earned dollars to something when I can’t have any direct involvement to determine how those hard earned dollars are going to benefit the children.

Ah, and the last bit of irony is, they sent home a couple different papers about health assessment, good diet, proper nutrition for the children. This was in the same “breath” as, sell the junk food, sell the candy bars, and sell baked goods. Lovely mixed message for the kids, eh?

Update: After seeking clarification I’m happier about what the fundraising will support at my son’s elementary school — field trips, classroom supplies, among other things. I’m still not okay with the bombardment of actual fundraising to be done, or the types of things we’re asked to sell though. (-: