It's here! My new Drobo | Hardware

It's here! My new Drobo

I'll have to take time later this evening (or tomorrow, as time permits) to post the photos of the un-boxing. (-:

The first thing I noticed upon swapping in the drives from the beta and plugging the Drobo in was, after a momentary rev up, the fan was QUIET! Yeeha!
The one issue we beta testers endured for the entire beta was a constantly running fan (which we were assured would NOT be the case on the production unit). Now I'll just have to see how hot the drives run in the new unit. They got a bit warm in the beta but seemed to run quite well.

Second - I can minimize the Drobo Dashboard (not to be confused with the Apple Macintosh Dashboard). Well Done! I couldn't do that in the beta and it became a minor but continual annoyance to me. Glad they fixed that before launch. If we could just get a widget so that we could easily see the actual capacity of the unit Mac users would be pretty much set at this point.

I'm still trying to decide if I actually like the latch mechanisms better on the the production unit than on the beta. They are definitely more secure. I can't wait to place the order for my Airport Extreme so I can set the Drobo up on it!