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The 77th Regiment of Foot

With the resurgence of interest in the French & Indian War — due in no small part to the PBS 2-part series The War that made America, by WQED here in Pittsburgh — I thought I should update my photo page

I've updated the page to run a slide show with photos from the 2001 Dunsmuir Scottish Games that Alex and I participated in when we lived in California.

The amusing twist regarding our involvement with this group was that we had moved out to California from Pittsburgh (both due to our jobs at the time) and the 77th was one of the regiments at Bushy Run during the French and Indian War. That was one of their primary campaign locales in the States. While in CA, Alex happened to become acquainted with folks who were re-enactors with the 77th. They asked him to join and he did.

I grew up not terribly far from the Bushy Run battlefield in PA. Alex and I had a home not too far from there before we left for CA. About 4 years after moving back to PA we've purchased an "antique" house — built circa 1798 — even closer to Bushy Run. The irony of this is not lost on us. We moved from Pennsylvania to California only to end up as re-enactors with a regiment that primarily dealt with Western PA skirmishes and then disbanded to make their way in the New World.