Drobo Evangelist Discount available through July 31st! | Hardware, Discount

Drobo Evangelist Discount available through July 31st!

All you have to do is go to drobostore and use the discount code REFJENL and you'll still be able to get $25.00 off the $499 price. This discount code is good through July 31st courtesy Data Robotics and yours truly. (-:
I've been steadily filling up my Drobo and they've put out a nifty icon to replace the generic desktop icon. I've actually managed to stay ahead of the accumulation of videos and photos that have been proliferating over the last 12 months around here. I'm sure I'm going to be surfing for a larger drive soon though. The nice thing is I'll just be able to pop out the smallest drive, pop in the new one and keep on truckin' with the data accumulation.

Take a look at gadgetell, MacNN or PCWorld for some recent reviews.

Also, check out the lastest TWIT podcast 100th Episode. In the midst of all the celebration of posting their 100th episode they fit in a discussion of the Drobo.

The Drobo is available from other retailers but you can only get the Evangelist Discount by ordering directly from the drobostore.com with the discount code listed above.